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Crafted with care using high-quality and eco-friendly materials, every Lampu Cherita Scented Candle ensures clean burning and residue-free enjoyment. You can revel in the warm glow and pure fragrance without worry.

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Boasting more than 50

types to choose from.

Easy to carry anywhere for travel and compact in size.

Delightful Aromas to Enhance Any Space

long-lasting and safer alternative candles

Indulge in a wide selection of Lampu Cherita candles

Bring a touch of luxury to your daily routine

Perfect for offices, bedrooms, or cozy corners

The Royal Series Candle Collection

Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home

Fragrance Oil for Air Purification, Candle Making

Fragrance Oil for Air Purification, Candle Making

Fragrance Oil for Air Purification, Candle Making


Situated in the dynamic city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lampu Cherita Candles embarked on its journey in 2020. Fueled by a passion for candles, our founder set forth on a path of creativity and experimentation, ultimately giving rise to Lampu Cherita Candles. Dedicated to crafting exclusive candles, each creation is hand-poured and meticulously tailored to your preferences. We take pride in using only the finest eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring guilt-free enjoyment with every use. At Lampu Cherita Candles, our mission is clear - to deliver unmatched quality scented candles that enrich your spaces, all at an affordable price. With a diverse selection of over fifty luxurious fragrances, we promise a captivating and enchanting sensory experience. Explore our collection and discover the perfect ambiance for every occasion. Should you require assistance, our team is here to help. Illuminate your moments with Lampu Cherita Candles today.

Customer Review


Smells nice & so relaxing. The smell is soft, not too much which I really like. Open the sound of the video to hear the wooden wick burn. I use the candle while doing skin care routine in bathroom to feel like in a spa

Bau vanilla soft manis, and berlemak, wangii!! Insya’allah gonna repeat another scent


Fast delivery. Bau dia kuat jugak. Tp x sampai sakit kepala. Okay lagi. Barang semua okay. Packaging secure. Tq lampu cherita! Support la local product!!


Aaa nyesal beli 1 wangi siyes!!! Cepat lagi tu dia punya shipping to Sarawak

Milky almond is my fav among these three! Subtle tak menusuk, wangi satu bilik! Strawberry bau dia manis milky. Vanilla pun elok I think paling senang masuk with everyone. Shipping pun laju ya!

Alhamdulillah.. barang dah sampai dengan selamat.. wangi dua2 nya...lavender standard baunya.. sea salt bau macam perfume lelaki

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